Restaurant Pizzeria
Facefood Pizza

4 allée du Niger
31000 Toulouse

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Phones : 
05 82 74 97 37
06 46 17 21 30

OPEN 7/7 :

Service et Delivery
The evening from 7pm to 10.30pm


2 brothers, both love cooking, decide to create their own restaurant. One of them is a Chef Pizzaiolo and naturally takes the lead.


FACEFOOD PIZZA is a new continent to visit on Planet Pizza to eat good, fresh and cheap !

Inspired by his travels and the cuisines of the World, our Chef Pizzaïolo has created various recipes of pizzas and burgers made from ingredients appreciated in the main capitals of the World and other renowned cities.

It also offers its specialty "House", the Piwitch, half-warm half-cold, half-pizza half-sandwich and garnished according to your desires of the moment !



- The Pizza Dough is prepared each day by the Chef from his homemade recipe based on olive oil.

- The Minced Meat, with spices and mint, is also a special preparation of the Chef.


The Chef Pizzaïolo, demanding on the quality and provenance of the products he uses, does his own market and guarantees you fresh ingredients and quality for your pleasure.


He carefully chooses the cheeses: French Emmental, Mozzarella, Goat cheese, Cantal, Gorgonzola, Reblochon ...
He uses only true Cheese !No cheese substitute is used at Facefood pizza.